Parents Try To Understand How Their Daughter Fell Prey To A Serial Killer

6th confirmed victim, Geralyn DeSoto
6th confirmed victim, Geralyn DeSoto

Nicknamed by her family as "Sissie" -- Geralyn DeSoto is now known as the 6th confirmed victim connected to suspected serial killer Derrick Todd Lee. West Baton Rouge officials found out Thursday DNA evidence taken from DeSoto's murder scene conclusively matched Lee's DNA.

DeSoto's mother and father held hands as they remembered their Sissie. Melanie Barr, Geralyn's mother says, "Geralyn was the type of person who wouldn't hurt anybody, so we really are just trying to understand why this happened to her."

Wearing the shirt he got for Father's Day, Geralyn's father says she was a huge LSU fan and a really good basketball player. Described by her mother as a vibrant young woman, Geralyn is much like the the other women linked to the serial killer.

"Athletic, easy-going -- she loved whatever it was she got herself into. If it was sports she gave it her 100%," said Melanie. "She was just an easy-going child, who never gave us any trouble. A child who a parent could be very proud of."

Derrick Todd Lee, now suspected in the serial killings of at least six women, sits in a cell where some say he is trying to find religion.

Geralyn's father says, "He can talk about going to God all he wants, but he's going to burn in hell. If the policemen wouldn't have stopped him he would still be out there murdering."

"I just hope that in Derrick Lee's search for God, that when he finds him that God touches his heart enough that he'll confess and let everyone else have some sort of peace that we now have," said Melanie.