Viewpoint: September 15, 2010

The vast majority of us sat aside Labor Day weekend and had fun. Many of you went to the beach, had backyard barbeques or just spent the day off from work relaxing. There were those who decided Labor Day would be a good day to try and kill someone.

In our area alone, we set a record for the number of shootings during the long Labor Day weekend. It started with a shooting at one place we all should feel safe in, a hospital. From there, the shootings and killings continued throughout the weekend.

One of the victims was Baton Rouge Police Chief Jeff LeDuff's own brother in-law. This crime isn't more important because it happened to the chief's family. It's important because it shows none of us are really immune to tragedy and in this case, terrible violence.

It is always a fact the criminals who carry out these shootings, robberies and violence in general do not just stay in one particular bad area of town. In fact, crime spills over and could very well end up affecting your neighborhood or loved one.

A group in Baton Rouge has decided to step out and take on part of the challenge. It is called 100 Black Men. Board member Ernie Hughes echoed our thoughts and while it's not clear where this violence will end up, it is clear where most of it starts.

"First of all, it starts in the home," he said. "Working with the parents and really talking to their kids at an early age."

Parents and grandparents, please take this weekend to watch your kids and chat with them about their future. Share with them what worked if your life. We have the power to stop this trend in its tracks.