Viewpoint: September 8, 2010

What a difference a year makes, or what a difference a Super Bowl win makes. In February, we witnessed the New Orleans Saints' first Super Bowl victory in the 43-year history of the organization and with it brought a sense of hope and pride our region so desperately needed.

And as the 2010 regular season quickly approaches, the Black and Gold find themselves in the unfamiliar position of trying to repeat last year's performance, rather than trying to forget it. If we've learned anything from their recent success, it's that change is possible. The Saints have finally shattered preconceived notions of mediocrity and erased visions of fans donning paper bags.

The team has also taught us a lot about overcoming adversity, starting with quarterback Drew Brees, who returned from a potentially career-ending injury to help deliver the state what most thought was impossible. In his book, "Coming Back Stronger," Brees delivers an important message that transcends football.

"The next time adversity knocks on your door, stand up tall and do the right thing," Brees wrote. "You can do more than just survive. You can come back -- stronger."

For the first time in franchise history, many of us go into this new season, truly believing that.