No Human Bones Found in Yard of Suspected Serial Killer

LSU Anthropologist Dr. Mary Manhein has determined that bones found buried in the yard of suspected serial killer Derrick Todd Lee are not human. Manhein says the bones belonged to a pig, a deer and possibly a cat.

For the last two days, investigators have been digging at Lee's home in Star Hill, which is located south of St. Francisville, for the remains of a missing woman. But West Feliciana Sheriff Austin Daniel says the digging will stop until they receive further credible tips.

"He's told somebody he buried someone under a slab. We need to know who that someone is. Third, fourth and fifth-hand information doesn't help us. We need to know who talked to Derrick and what he told them," said Sheriff Daniel.

Sheriff Daniel says until he gets that first hand information, he's not breaking open any more concrete slabs. Daniel asks anyone with information from Lee about where he may have hidden a body to call their local authorities.

Investigators Find More Bones -- Are They Human?

Tuesday morning authorities found two more bones while digging outside Lee's home. That makes three bones found under the slab of that was part of a dog pen in the far right corner of Lee's property. Also removed was concrete of a carport and wooden floor from a shed behind Lee's house. However nothing was found there.

Sheriff Daniel says he has about ten to twelve items of interest, all of which are bones. Although he admits some look like chicken bones, he says he's not ruling out the possibility they could be bones from a human victim.

"I was hoping to find something that could, you know, put some peoples' mind to rest and close some cases, but until Mary tells us otherwise, we haven't found anything of any significance," said Daniel.

The Mary Sheriff Daniel is talking about is Dr. Mary Manhein from the LSU FACES Lab. Manhein an expert in forensic anthropology and has assisted in identifying many cases of human remains. Tomorrow Sheriff Daniel plans to bring the findings for Dr. Manhein to determine if the bones are from a human or an animal.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Daniel is keeping a deputy at Lee's home overnight to keep the search warrant active.

Investigators Find First Bone At Home Of Serial Killer Suspect

The search resumed Monday after unsuccessful digs last week under concrete slabs poured by Lee proved fruitless. You'll remember last week a 4-inch bone fragment was found, but Dr. Mary Manhein determined the bone was not human.

It wasn't until Monday night, that investigators found the first piece of evidence that could be the remains of a human. The finding is described as looking like a vertebra. The West Feliciana Coroner said he didn't think the piece of bone was human. However, he said he doesn't want to be the one to make the final determination of whether the bone is human or not. Officials e-mailed Dr. Manhein a picture of the bone to see if she could determine if the bone was human. Manhein, who is in Arkansas, said she could not tell from the pictures if the bone was human and would have to see the bone in person to make a scientific judgement.

Zachary Police, sheriff's deputies from East and West Feliciana parishes and investigators from the Attorney General's office are looking for the body of Randi Mebruer. Mebruer disappeared back in 1998 from her home in Zachary. All investigators ever found was a gruesome bloody scene, which indicated a struggle had taken place between Mebruer and her attacker. Authorities have said Lee is a prime suspect in Mebruer's disappearance.

"I don't have someone definitely who said it. But the word is, that he bragged - 'They'll never find her. She's under concrete'," said Sheriff Daniel.

Investigators also found a tire iron, which could prove to be significant. Detectives investigating the Randi Mebruer case asked her husband if he thought Mebruer would open the door for a stranger if that stranger told her he had a flat tire. Detectives say that is one of many ways her attacker could have gained entry to her home.

Lee's DNA was obtained in connection to the Mebruer case and connects him to the killings of Gina Wilson Green, Charlotte Murray Pace, Pam Kinamore and Carrie Lynn Yoder -- all of Baton Rouge -- and Dene' Colomb of Lafayette.

Sheriff Daniel received permission from Lee's wife Jacqueline to dig at Lee's former home on U.S. 61 in St. Francisville. Daniel says Mrs. Lee is in Chicago.