Honore speaks to crowd at SU about Katrina

Retired Lieutenant General Russell Honore
Retired Lieutenant General Russell Honore

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) -The man credited with restoring order in New Orleans after Katrina returned to his alma mater on Monday.

Retired Lieutenant General Russell Honore spoke to a crowd at Southern University about Hurricane Katrina and the lessons the state has learned since that catastrophe.

"It was a great learning point for whole new generations of people in Louisiana who understand we have to now be prepared and evacuate early and then help those people who have been displaced, the survivors," said Honore.

"When the government says time to evacuate, it's time to evacuate," Honore added. "And we should make sure our neighbors evacuate and we should not leave neighborhoods with empty car seats. We need to check on our neighbors and help them get out."

Honore's latest project involves developing survey questions to determine peoples' levels of emergency preparedness.

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