Mixed Emotions For Family Members Of The Serial Killer's Victims

One of the men who has been especially interested in the latest information on the serial killer and his capture is Lee Stanton. Stanton dated Carrie Yoder, the serial killer's fifth victim, for three years.

Stanton says he has plenty of reason to be angry, but he says anger won't bring Carrie back. "You go through these phases of shock, and you move into this feeling of prolonged sadness," said Stanton. "I will never be the same. My life has changed dramatically. It is still changing, evolving, and I don't know what kind of person I'll be when I reach some kind of acceptance," said Stanton.

A prolonged sadness that has turned into anger for the capture of Derrick Todd Lee -- the man police are now calling the South Louisiana Serial Killer.

"I will rest somewhat easier knowing that this particular person is no longer out there," said Stanton. "I try to move a little more forward everyday and it is difficult sometimes. Somedays are better than others. But there are always reminders."

Other family members of the serial killer's victims have also ridden a roller-coaster ride of emotions since seeing the picture of Derrick Todd Lee. From anger to sadness to excitement -- these are the emotions of family members of the serial killer's victims.

"At least our fight to get this guy has been successful. At least he's not roaming around looking for his next victim and believe me if it hadn't been for us and our efforts and all our interviews he would still be roaming around looking for his next victim," said Lynne Marino, the mother of Pam Kinamore.

"I'd say I was pretty happy about it but at the same time I was angry. I guess after seeing the face of this guy that he'd been the one killing all of these women. It was a joy for a second and then hate," said Sterling Colomb, Sr., Dene' Colomb's father.

"I'm excited. You know when I heard the news today, I was kind of sad a little bit because I started thinking of the whole thing all over again but I'm excited," said Sterling Colomb, Jr., Dene's brother.

Meanwhile, although Christine Moore has not been linked to the serial killer, her father has wondered for more than a year who kidnapped his daughter and dumped her body near a Baton Rouge Church on River Road.

Now Anthony Moore worries that if something happens to Derrick Lee before police arrest him, his daughter's murder and the murders of several other women will never be solved.

"For me, if Mr. Lee is not captured alive, you see I won't know if he killed Christine, Jennifer Servo, the lady from Alabama or Mrs. Fowler," said Moore.

Anthony Moore tells 9 News a lead detective on the Task Force believes Derrick Lee is the prime suspect in his daughter's murder, however, there just isn't any physical evidence to link him.