Kid on a mission develops "Kids Love the Gulf"

By Rick Portier

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - What started with a single email has spawned a counter-top tycoon. In one month, Rory McCracken has gone from a laid back elementary school student to a successful businessman on a mission.

Eleven-year-old Rory McCracken never wanted to be a businessman, but when he learned the oil spill in the Gulf was threatening his fishy friends, Rory got mad. Then, he got inspired.

"I love animals, and I love the ocean," he said. "I created the T-shirt."

What Rory envisioned for his "Kids Love the Gulf" shirt was a way for kids to help all the animals impacted by the spill. What it spawned was an in-home industry.

"It's just gone viral. Most of the people who have ordered are complete strangers," he said. "We even have someone ask how much shipping would be to London."

The sheer volume of the orders threatened to overwhelm his one-man staff. Now, he uses neighbors and classmates to fill, pack and mail orders. Even his four-year-old sister lends a hand.

"My job is writing thank you letters," said Rory's sister Meave.

In just four weeks, Rory has sent more than 500 shirts from coast to coast.

"It's going great. We almost have enough donations to give the Audubon Institute a $5000 check," said Rory.

All this work is not to earn money for the latest video game or save up for a car when he gets older. Rory is giving his profits away to help his friends under the sea.

Rory hopes to raise ten thousand dollars by the end of the summer.

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