Public Service Announcement Urges Women To Protect Themselves From The Serial Killer

Governor Mike Foster and the mother of Pam Kinamore have taken another step in trying to break the complacency of women who they fear are in danger of becoming a victim of the serial killer. Foster and Lynne Marino are putting out a statewide public service announcement urging women to protect themselves from the serial killer, who has been linked to the murders of five south Louisiana women.

They say take the threat of the serial killer seriously. Marino's plea is personal. Her daughter, Pam Kinamore, is the killer's third known victim. Although it has been ten months since her murder, Marino says, "My resolve hasn't diminished at all. The more time that goes by, the stronger I feel about getting the serial killer."

Aside from the public service announcements, Governor Foster is taking his involvement in the case a step further. Foster says he is going to be an active part of the Serial Killer Task Force. He says he intends to offer ideas and suggestions to investigators.

With school about to end and people focused on other things, both Foster and Marino say women shouldn't make themselves an easy target. They are hoping someone will hear their appeal and prevent another woman from becoming the serial killer's next victim.

"Don't let time dilute your goals and awareness. Don't let that fool you. He's still out there. He's just waiting for the right time and the right person," said Marino.