Spicy Cream Cheese Stuffed Shrimp from Duvic's

  • Place habaneros, cooked bacon strips, and garlic powder in a food processor chop thoroughly.
  • Take this mixture and place in a mixing bowl along with the chopped red onion and cream cheese. Combine with a paddle attachment on the mixer; if one isn't available kneed with hands.

Mango Aioli

Place a pealed and deseeded mango in a good processor and puree. Take use 1/2 cup of mango puree and combine with1/2 cup mayonnaise.


Peal and butterfly 1 and 1/2 pounds of 16-20 count headless shrimp.  In a large bowl place enough flour to lightly cover the shrimp. Next, stuff the shrimp with the cream cheese mixture. Then, coat with tempura batter and then roll in panko bread crumbs. Place the shrimp in a 350 degree fryer until cooked.