Does It Work?

Sure, you've seen the infomercials advertising the newest innovative products aimed at making your life easier. But have you ever had the urge to take the 30-day risk-free offer and try it out? - That's exactly what WAFB's Pat Simon did. The following are a few of the products Pat tested for performance along with the grade they received.

"Perfect Pancake" -- (B-)
-- great pancakes.
-- but it takes too long to cook.
-- and you can only make one pancake at a time.
-- some of you might want to stick with the griddle.

"Flip Fold" -- (B)
-- it does fold clothes perfectly.
-- and yes saves space.
-- tricky with long sleeve shirts.
-- the kids like it!
-- and getting your child to do more chores is obviously "priceless".

"Revo Styler" -- (B)
-- a little clunky.
- some tangling.
- but with practice, it *does* work to straighten and smooth hair.

"Ding King" -- (F)
-- it did pop, however it still left a dent.
-- If you want to try it anyway, remember you are applying glue on your car's paint. - So watch out!