July 2. 2010 - "Picking Berries in Ethel"

It's a cloudy day in Ethel, with occasional sprinkles, but the grounds of Berry Sweet Orchards are filled with people picking blueberries, young ... and young at heart. For a lot of folks the trip to Berry Sweet is an annual family tradition. That's the way it is for the Calvit sisters.

Ginny Calvit says, "I just roll my hand around in there somewhere, and they fall off if they're ripe."

Sister Marty adds, "You have to taste one from the tree that you're picking, so you'll know if it's the kind you like. It's lucky they don't weigh us before we come in!"

Oh, yeah, there's a lot of eating going on out here. Luckily the only things that get weighed are the thousands of berries that get toted to the scales.

Berry Sweet Orchards owner Cliff Muller says, "What keeps us going is the thank you's. I get so many thank you's from people just for having this open."

Glen and Judy Richardson come all the way from Breaux Bridge every year. When they get the berries home, there will be, says Glen, "Blueberry milkshakes, blueberry pie..."

"Yes, and I make blueberry wine, too!" adds Judy.

I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill!

Picking hours are every Thursday, Friday and Saturday--8:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 4:00 to 7:00 in the evening. However, Saturday, July 3, they will be open in the morning only. Mr. Muller says the picking season will definitely last through July 10th--after that, better call ahead.