Jindal criticizes BP claims process

By David Spunt - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Gov. Bobby Jindal said BP's claims process is broken and needs to be fixed immediately.

The $20 billion put into an account can only be used for paying out claims. Louisiana data shows only $61 million has been paid to around 18,000 people. More than 20,000 claims have been filed.

The governor spoke quite candidly about the process Tuesday and why he called it a broken system. He pointed to several problems with the process. They included claims with zip codes not in the state, claims for people with birth dates in the future and one claim for a man who was around during the American Revolutionary War.

"So apparently, they're paying somebody whose 215 years old and paying other people who haven't even been born yet," said Jindal. "They got a database that in addition shows they're paying claims before they've been filed."

The governor said the state has repeatedly requested access to the BP claims database, but has been denied time after time.

Ken Feinberg, the man handpicked by President Barack Obama to oversee the claims process, said the $20 billion may not be enough. He said it is not a big deal, though, because if more money is needed, BP will have to pay until everyone gets the claims they are entitled to.

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