Jindal attends meeting on deep water drilling

PORT FOURCHON, LA (WAFB) - Gov. Bobby Jindal is in Port Fourchon for a community and oil and gas industry meeting to discuss the president's moratorium on deep water oil drilling and its impact on Louisiana's economy.

Hearings are planned throughout the day Thursday on Capitol Hill to assess what's being done along the coast of Louisiana to battle the oil that continues to spew into the Gulf of Mexico.

Several coastal parish presidents appeared before a Senate hearing committee to appeal to them for more money, more support and changes in how things are being done. It got emotional at times.

"Our people don't want a free check from the government," said David Carmardelle, mayor of Grand Isle. "Our people don't want food stamps. They don't want SBA loan. They want to go out in the waters. We have fishermen waiting and they want to go out in the water and put on booms to scoop out that kind of oil. Right now, as we speak, it's coming through our passes and when I get back tomorrow morning, I'll have one of those passes blocked up and I have four left."

Carmardelle also had some advice for Florida officials, who are already seeing oil washing up on their beaches.

"The booms don't work. At major pass, the booms don't work. Mr. Senator from Florida, this is a wake-up call. What we went through seven weeks ago, well, you're just opening your eyes this morning and I'm being honest with ya'll," he added.

Later in the day, President Barack Obama will meet with the parish presidents and other Louisiana officials to further discuss the cleanup efforts.

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