Powder could be answer to oil in the Gulf

By David Spunt - bio | email

GRAND ISLE, LA (WAFB) - There are lots of suggestions about how to clean up the goo in the Gulf of Mexico, but one idea that sticks out is Gelco 200.

If you put oil into saltwater to simulate what is going on in the Gulf, and then add the Gelco powder, it turns the oily mix into a rubbery material that is easy to pick up.

Hugh Morrison is the president of United Environmental Safety Services. It is a company out of Alberta, Canada. Morrison is so sure his product will work he agreed to do an on-camera test. Within two minutes, the powder turned into a solid blanket, absorbing the oil mass from the water.

"By the time you do a field application, you go around and start recovering it," Morrison said.

The product has already been approved by Environment Canada, which is the Canadian version of the EPA in the US. The product is undergoing EPA testing right now and Morrison has been told by Friday he should know if Gelco will get a seal of approval.

The beaches of Grand Isle are drenched in oil. Crews come in around the clock and use different cleanup methods, but with this product, all they would have to do is pick it up and the oil is gone.

Morrison claimed he has a warehouse full of the product and if he can get approval, he is ready to use it immediately. Morrison added the product is also non-toxic and not hazardous. He said he has been down in Grand Isle for a month talking to people from Washington and to parish presidents. He said now he has to just wait and see.

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