Jindal introduces vacuum idea for oil cleanup

By Andre Moreau - bio | email

GRAND ISLE, LA (WAFB) - Gov. Bobby Jindal toured the marshes near Grand Isle Wednesday.

He rolled up his sleeves and rolled out the latest weapon he believes can win the war against the oil threatening Louisiana's coast. Prototypes are being tested of PVC pipe suction vacuums to pull the oil out of the water.

"We built three of these," Jindal said. "We started the first one. We want to put an 18-wheeler on top of a barge."

According to Jindal, it was built with Cajun ingenuity. The idea came from someone in his office.

"It's a simple idea, but it works. You put a suction truck or a suction pump [at the] top of a barge. We can go out as much as a mile. Get on an airboat and won't do any damage. Go get this oil out of these wetlands," Jindal explained.

East Grand Terre Island, which is just to the east of Grand Isle, is inundated with thick, black sludge. The smell of oil hung in the air as oil coated the coast.

"You don't want oil anywhere on your coast. I hate to see oil anywhere on our Louisiana coastline. I'd much rather fight this oil on a sandy barrier island...to suck it up," Jindal added.

The national media was there to hear his message. Now, the governor is ready for BP to put hundreds of the devices into action before it is too late.

"You know, being from Louisiana? You know there are vacuum pumps, there are pump trucks, barges all over this coast. There's no limiting factor. If they wanted a hundred of these pumps and a hundred of these barges tomorrow, they're here in Louisiana, absolutely," Jindal pointed out.

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