Grand Isle prepares for president's visit

By David Spunt - bio | email

GRAND ISLE, LA (WAFB) - Officials are being tight-lipped about President Barack Obama's visit to Grand Isle on Friday, but 15 to 20 Secret Service agents were spotted in the area Thursday, giving a clear sign preparations are well under way.

Grand Isle is a town that has been through it all and locals say the latest nightmare is in full swing.

"I think the mayor and everybody is taking charge and did a pretty good job so far of trying to clean up as much oil as they possibly can," said Jim King, a Grand Isle resident.

The usual summer tourists have emptied camps. Instead, you will find disaster workers. Signs like "Shame on you BP" send a strong message.

"Generations might be gone and young children may not ever know this life," said Dina King, a Grand Isle resident.

Obama is the talk of the town. He has taken sharp criticism over his leadership.

"He ain't gonna make a difference. He hasn't done anything. The government hasn't done anything," King said.

Local businessman Lenny Falgout hopes the president takes some time to see the damage first hand.

"He's one man," Falgout said. "He's caught in the middle of a lot of stuff, unfortunately."

Others are not so forgiving.

"Where's all the help? Just like Katrina, no one ever showed up," King added.

What has been confirmed is Air Force One will land in New Orleans and then the president will take a helicopter flight down to Grand Isle to meet with Admiral Thad Allen at the Coast Guard Station.

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