Thick oil hits Fourchon Beach

By David Spunt - bio | email

PORT FOURCHON, LA (WAFB) - Beautiful Fourchon Beach, an otherwise famous family vacation spot, has turned into ground zero for a disaster. Hundreds of feet of cement walls, which were set up to block the crude from coming ashore, are covered in thick oil.

"We're going through what Katrina did to us five years ago and we don't know what we're going to do next," said Murray Volk, an oyster harvester.

As of now, Volk is out of a job. The Louisiana oysterman said though five weeks has passed since the oil leak began, he's still in shock over seeing it covering the water.

"Nobody knew exactly how to handle the situation," he said. "Accidents happen, but who do you blame? We need what BP supplies for us."

A man who identified himself as a BP employee confronted the news crew on Fourchon Beach. Despite being chaperoned by Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries workers, he ordered the team to leave the public beach and decontaminate immediately. When BP officials were asked about the situation, a spokesman had no comment.

Volk and other islanders said no matter what it takes, they will wait out the incident.

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