Viewpoint: May 26, 2010

In the midst of Louisiana's worst environmental disaster and a national negative ranking when it comes to crime in our area, WAFB wondered if this was the best time to start our special effort to focus on the good in people.

As it turns out, it was. A few weeks ago we launched our "Hand It On" segment. The goal was simple: give strangers $300 with the promise they would hand it on to someone who deserved it.

We started with two women in slaughter who were angels in their own rights, taking it upon themselves to feed the poor and elderly in their parish. Along the way, we've met several people who think of others before thinking of themselves and we've seen that the human spirit is alive and well.

We met a man who handed on his own blessing to a group of strangers who had given him a prayer shawl when he was sick and at death's door. Each example has proven there is still plenty of good out there.

Our effort is not finished. Is there someone out there you would like to hand it on to? You can send your nominations to