Q: Someone hit me and the accident is not my fault. Who is on MY side?
A: We are on YOUR side. We will stand by you. Owens Collision center is YOUR team.

Q: Why should I have Owens Collision Center repair my vehicle?

A: Owens Collision Center works for you, not the insurance company. We are the largest totally independent collision center in the Baton Rouge area.

Q: My insurance company wants me to go to one of THEIR recommended collision centers, am I required to follow their recommendation?

A: The insurance agency recommended shops work for the insurance company, NOT for YOU. They may use money saving short cuts to save them money at your expense.

Q: My insurance company warned me that if I don't go to a shop that has a contract with them I might not be offered a warranty on the repair services.

A: Owens Collision Center offers a limited life warranty on all of our repairs.

Q: The insurance company wrote an estimate that is lower than the other estimates I have received.

A: Many insurance companies "lowball" their estimates and try to offer a "quick check." The actual repair amount is almost always higher than the insurance companies' original estimate.

Q: The insurance company "totaled" my car, but it doesn't look that bad to me. What do I do if I don't want to buy another car to replace the "totaled" one?

A: Some insurance companies pre-maturely "total" vehicles. There is an option to "retain salvage." We will be glad to make a repair bid so you can attempt to keep your car.

Q: Who does your body shop work for… the insurance company or YOU?
A: Owens Collision Center works for YOU.

Q: Does your body shop have cost saving contracts with your insurance company?

A: Owens Collision Center only has a contract with YOU.

Q: Does your body shop answer to other financially interested parties in the repair process?
A: At Owens Collision, we only answer to YOU.

Q: Can there be delays in the repair of your car?

A: Yes. There are many factors that can slow down the repair process, from getting a slow response from the insurance company to badly written first estimates, short cuts on the body shop's part to comply with insurance requests and more – Owens INSISTS on repairing the car correctly with quality parts.

Q: Who do I turn to if I am not happy with the repair?
A: At Owens Collision Center, we will gladly review the estimate with you and if there are any discrepancies associated with the repair, we will take full responsibility for any mistakes made on our end.