Repair Process

Preliminary estimate/ tear down
The estimate process is where the information of the customer and their vehicle are collected.  Most drivable cars can have a detailed list of visible damage.   Non drivable tow in vehicles usually require a tear down estimate to see the inner damage.

Customer or insurance approval to order initial required parts
Most parts arrive in 1-2 days, but some parts must be special ordered.  Keep in mind that repairs cannot begin until all structural parts have arrived.

Structural repair (if applicable)
The frame or unibody of the vehicle is repaired to factory specifications

External repair
External parts are then fit together to make sure gaps and edges are aligned

Paint Department
Paint preparation is a critical step in the refinish process of every vehicle.  All parts are primed and sealed to assure proper adhesion when the final top coast and clear coast of paint are applied.

Final moldings, lights, bumpers and emblems are put back on the vehicle.

Detail department
Buffing, polishing steps are taken to best match the factory texture of your vehicle.

Quality control

The final step of the repair process is to pass our vigorous inspection tot ensure your vehicle is back to pre-accident condition