V. Watts Profile

By Greg Meriwether - bio | email

Valery Watts built his furniture store on a part of Highway 190 in Livingston Parish that used to be a ghost town. He built it from scratch and customers flocked to his shop. It all started in a tiny little building, where V. Watts' original desk is still parked by the door. From there, as Livingston grew, so did his little furniture store.

Even at 70 years old, V. Watts doesn't do anything slow. He's the Price Leblanc of La-Z-Boys and an institution in Livingston Parish. He gives all the credit to God and through that was plenty of hard work.

V. Watts said he's seen Livingston grow into an even better community, one he's proud to be a part of and raise a family in. He's proud to be V. Watts, Highway 190, Livingston.

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