Livingston Parish Waterways

By Matt Williams - bio | email

People are drawn to water for so many reasons. Many of them can be found along the waterways in Livingston Parish. If you travel down the Diversion Canal, you'll some find of the ways people have brought that water into their everyday lives. Homes line the banks.

Captain Bobbie Perry has been on the waters of Livingston Parish for decades, operates a water taxi and gives tours. This explosion along the Diversion Canal may have been inevitable, but it certainly wasn't envisioned when it was dug.

"I have heard from old timers that years ago, when they built this diversion, it was not supposed to be accessed, no boats," Perry said.

Nonetheless, access came quickly and today, the Diversion Canal is a parade of big boats and big houses. Some are bigger than others. Take the Sanctuary, for instance, home to some of the biggest houses on the river.

"The reason it's called the Sanctuary is because they left you this piece of tranquility between each lot," Perry explained.

Sure, the tax man loves those big houses, but if you talk to someone from Livingston Parish, of Livingston Parish, this is the water they are talking about. It is away from everything. There certainly is plenty of that type of water in the parish. Depending on your definition of a navigable waterway, there are between 400 and 700 miles of waterways in the parish. There is plenty of space to get lost and find what you're looking for.

"That's what I'm doing right now, changing the air in my head," said Curtis Rouyea of St. Amant. "If I catch something, it's optional."

"There's not too many places you can take people to see this, these old trees," Perry added.

The old trees have seen a lot, so too have the rivers and canals. They've seen a parish grow up. They see a parish with a little bit of everything now. If you're looking for a party on the river, you can have that, but if you're looking to find those old trees, find some fish and change the air in your head, you can do that as well.

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