Coastal Crisis press conferences puts Robert, Louisiana on map

By Tyana Williams - bio | email

ROBERT, LA (WAFB) - The national news briefing center for the latest on the Coastal Crisis is in Robert, Louisiana.  It is a tiny town east of Hammond with only 20 named streets. With names like Traylors Trail, Rambo Toad and Obee Stevens Road. There are two gas stations, a couple restaurants and one traffic light that was put in two years ago. But for the folks who live here, that is part of living the simple life.

"It's pretty peaceful. Everybody gets along, and everybody knows everybody," said Missey Covan, a Robert resident.

Locals said the fact that media, Governor Jindal and national leaders are in town means Robert is making a mark. As one resident puts it, Robert is a small town with not much going on.

But now, Robert is in the news everywhere. It is the site of the Shell Robert Training and Conference Center now being used as a oil spill command center - and place for media briefings. Seeing so many people in town, is exciting for them. Especially when you hear the news usually consists of getting a supermarket, a dollar store and a red light.

Linda Lee owns Cooter Brown's Seafood in Robert. She said not only are customers chatting about the oil spill, they are talking about catching a glimpse of the governor. "Maybe our cars will be on the news, at the red light," said Lee.

Missey Covan, works at the new BBQ spot. She said her hometown has definitely hit it big, but there is one thing she wants the visitors to know. "Talking about downtown Robert. And I started giggling. I said downtown Robert? What? If you pass the light that's uptown and this is downtown? If you blink you'll miss us," Covan said.

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