Jindal nominates Scott Angelle as lt. gov.

Scott Angelle
Scott Angelle

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Gov. Bobby Jindal nominated Scott Angelle to serve as Louisiana's next lieutenant governor.

Angelle is the current secretary of the state's Department of Natural Resouces. He would serve as the interim lieutenant until an election can be held.

"Scott has worked closely with us for more than two years now as we worked to reform our state," Jindal said. "He is a public servant to the core and his incredible work ethic is perhaps only out-matched by his heart."

A news release from the governor's office stated Angelle has agreed not to run for lieutenant governor, which Jindal said was a requirement for anyone he nominated for the post.

"We have a critical agenda in the Legislature this year and Scott is a vital part of our team. We will continue to rely on his insight and direction in passing the budget and addressing our budget shortfalls – in addition to advancing our legislative package," Jindal added.

The governor appointed Robert Harper as acting secretary for the Department of Natural Resources. The release indicated Angelle plans to return to the agency. Harper is currently serving as undersecretary at the Department of Natural Resources.

Mitch Landrieu left his post as lieutenant governor to become mayor of New Orleans.

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