Oil rigs salute workers presumed dead following explosion

Source: US Coast Guard
Source: US Coast Guard

VENICE, LA (WAFB) - Oil rigs throughout the Gulf of Mexico paused Monday morning to remember the 11 men still missing and presumed dead after last week's rig explosion off the coast of Louisiana. All of the rigs blew their horns for a final farewell to the men.

Family and friends are saying their goodbyes to Gordon Jones, 28, one of the workers on the rig who was never found. A funeral for Jones will be held Monday in Baton Rouge. He leaves behind a pregnant wife and a small child.

Meanwhile, crews are still working to stop the oil believed to be leaking from the underwater well head, an estimated 42,000 gallons a day.

High seas have made cleanup efforts from an oil spill off the Louisiana coast all but impossible over the last few days. Two leaks were found Saturday. The Coast Guard is expected to hold a news conference Monday afternoon to discuss its progress.

Workers are using robotic equipment to try and shut off the source of the leak, which is expected to take a day. They also plan to drill a relief well to cut off the flow, but that process could take several months.

Waters and shores from Louisiana to Texas are being threatened because of the spill.

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