Some are still cleaning up Katrina damaged homes

Carolyn Bordelon
Carolyn Bordelon

PONCHATOULA, LA (WAFB) - One local woman has spent the last few years cleaning up after hurricane Katrina and she is still not done.

Carolyn Bordelon's trailer survived the high winds and flooding that blew through Ponchatoula back in 2005, but now her home is slowly falling apart.

Carolyn Bordelon told WAFB's Cheryl Mercedes over the phone that she and her handicapped son are living like "animals."  She said the walls of their trailer are paper-thin and their floors are caving in. They just can't seem to get any help.

Behind a thick, wooded area of Ponchatoula sits a small, wilting trailer that barely survived hurricane Katrina's wrath.

"When I saw the trees and everything down, I panicked," said Bordelon. "I cried and told my son we ain't got no home."

Carolyn Bordelon and her son, David, have a home, but it is slowly falling apart around them.

"The whole side of the trailer, underneath, it's all rotted," she said. "I had to take the carpet out because it smelled."

Bordelon described a big whole she had her brother cover up because she feared snakes were going to come inside through it.

The sheet rock is rotting and the walls are caving in and Bordelon said she sprays the air a lot so it doesn't stink.

"You can hear the water coming through the walls," Bordelon said.

"It means a lot to me," she said. "This is my home, mind and David's home I worked hard for."

FEMA granted Bordelon $5,200 in assistance back in 2007. It was a nice start, but four and a half years after the storm, Bordelon is still very far from where she wants to be.

"Everywhere I turn I am pushed in the corner and I just can't get out," she said.

Bordelon has gone through the Road Home process and has even gotten help from some local non-profits. Her last attempt was three months ago, but she said all she keeps hearing is "we'll try our best."

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