Jim Brown Resigns After Supreme Court Denies His Final Appeal

(New Orleans-AP) -- Suspended Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Brown handed in his resignation today after the U.S. Supreme Court refused for a second time to review his conviction for lying to an FBI agent.

Without comment, the high court refused to take up the case, the same action it took on January 27th. In a statement issued through his attorney, Brown said his resignation would be effective at noon Friday.

Brown is serving a six-month sentence at a federal prison in Oakdale. According to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, his scheduled release date is April 13th. During a trial in 2000, Brown was acquitted of 43 charges of mail, insurance and wire fraud, conspiracy and witness tampering. But he was convicted of lying to a federal agent during an interview about what he knew about the liquidation of Cascade Insurance Company.

Brown, a former Louisiana secretary of state and state senator, was the third consecutive Louisiana insurance commissioner to go to federal prison.

His predecessor, Doug Green, is serving a 25-year federal prison sentence for taking two million dollars in illegal campaign contributions from the owners of an insurance company. Sherman Bernard pleaded guilty to taking bribes disguised as campaign contributions and served 30 months.