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That four letter word is back our weather forecast. But we could only see a few flakes of snow. It's not expected to stick to the ground in the Baton Rouge area, but southern Mississippi could be another story.

A disappointing decision for former Southern University President Ralph Slaughter today.

On our 6 p.m. news tonight, a scare in the main quad at the LSU campus. A car parked in the quad with something on top that could have been interpreted as an explosive. Now, some are questioning why LSU did not use its emergency texting system.

You may have heard rumblings about a new Sam's Club in town. Tonight, we know where it will be built.

And WAFB's Tyana Williams has the story of an entire new set of problems facing emergency services workers. The old days of whipping out the jaws of life may no longer apply.

On Wall Street the Dow Jones rose 108 points.

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