Brutal laundromat murder remains unsolved

Tamara Dupuy (Source: Zachary Police Department)
Tamara Dupuy (Source: Zachary Police Department)

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ZACHARY, LA (WAFB) - The mystery surrounding a brutal murder from 2009 remains under investigation. For the first time ever, the victim's fiancé, who police accused of the murder, speaks out about the crime and has a message for the "real killer."

It's a case and a story that just doesn't make sense. Investigators cannot figure out who would want to kill Tamara Dupuy. On the outside, she seemed happy and was actually caught up in the excitement of planning a wedding. Another baffling aspect of the crime is the manner in which she was killed. It was described by some as bold and perhaps calculating.

She was handcuffed and shot in the chest while doing her laundry. The killer left her for dead. The Zachary Police Department didn't have to look far to find its prime suspect. They turned their attention to David Brown, Tamara's fiancé. The pair was supposed to tie the knot this month.

"Mr. Brown, being that he was living with the victim; of course, he was the first person that we initially looked at," said Sgt. Scott Dupuy (no relation to the victim).

Brown asked for his face to be hidden because he said he doesn't want the real killer to know what he looks like. He added he gave the interview against the advice of his attorney.

"We have an idea who it is and we're going to go after him and we're going to get him," Brown said. "They think they got away, but they didn't. So, my suggestion to them is to turn themselves in before they have a bunch of people coming after them."

Investigators questioned Brown for hours and hours, seeing if they could poke holes in his story. Going on legal advice, David Brown admitted he didn't say much to police initially. He only told them he had an alibi. He said he was shopping and running errands at the time. The couple had also spent the day at Tamara's family's home. Then, later that Sunday afternoon, he decided to knock out a few chores. Brown said it was the last time he saw his fiancé' alive.

The last person to possibly see Dupuy alive was a little girl who was sent in by her mother to check on their laundry. The little girl found Tamara bleeding and handcuffed.

"At this time, we have numerous theories about the handcuffs and what they involved and what the perp could have intended to use them for. The evidence has not come back and proven some of those theories yet. It's still ongoing. We're still revamping those theories as much as we can," Sgt. Dupuy said.

Investigators would very much like to give Brown a lie detector test, which he told reporters he would agree to. He said he has a message for Tamara's family, which has turned against him since her murder and one for the man he says killed Tamara.

"No, we had no more problems than any other normal relationship. We loved each other and we couldn't wait to become each other's life mates. I miss her very, very much. She was a very beautiful, very sweet person and I know that somebody's out there that did this and thinking that they go away with it. They really didn't."

Investigators say they are operating on some new information and trying to locate a man who may indeed have information. If you can help, call Crime Stoppers at 344-7867.

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