Cold temperatures keep parade-goers inside

By Tyana Williams - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - What's the one thing that stops a Louisianian from enjoying a good Mardi Gras party?  How about temperatures in the 30's.

The Krewe of Southdowns rolled Friday evening, but the cold must have kept the crowd cooped up. Few said they were surprised the Southdowns parade wasn't as packed as it usually is.

Which seemed to be okay with three-year-old Thuy Bui. That meant she didn't have to fight for a spot to see the floats roll by or to collect a few beads.

"She gets disappointed if she doesn't get something off the float. Oh yeah, she understands.  She says awwww," said Thuy's mom, Linda.  She said the parade, which rolled through the neighborhood, is one of good clean family fun.

The parade started at Lee High School and ended at the Southdowns Shopping Center.

Linda and several others say the cold weather must have kept a lot of the neighbors inside.  Some even said it also looked like the temperatures kept some bands and floats from rolling.

"People from Louisiana are not used to this cold," said Linda.

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