BR Super Bowl party goes big

By Caroline Moses - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - This Super Bowl was the biggest game Saints fans have ever seen and it's why some in Baton Rouge decided to go big at home. Wade Martin of Baton Rouge had one of the sweetest home setups ever seen. He called it "super-coon-i-vision."

"I was sitting here on Thursday night thinking, 'Why can't I have something big?'" Martin said.

His setup was complete with life-like football field markings below a rigged projection screen. Wade bought an old billboard from Lamar-Dixon and projected the picture on the back of it, so he definitely found a way to do it big.

"We do parking lot stripes, so I just played around and get a little creative, just have fun with it," he added.

His guests said it was particularly fitting for this Saints season.

"This is the biggest season the Saints ever had," said Bruce Raff. "This is the biggest season south Louisiana ever had."

Raff said watching the Saints on the big screen helped him take in how big the season has been for New Orleans and also for Baton Rouge.

"Usually, it's LSU jerseys everywhere. Now, it's Saints," he said.

"Even the people are letting you out in the traffic now," another guest stated. "You know everybody's so excited and I think it's a good thing, real good thing."

These Saints fans said the team has unified New Orleans after Katrina, but it's also unified them and their neighborhood. Raff said this Saints season also somehow helped civilize them.

"I decided that now that the Saints have made the pinnacle and in the Super Bowl, we should be a little more educated and it's 'Whom That.'"

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