Saints fans share superstitions

By Caroline Moses - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Most Saints fans are superstitious.  After all, voodoo is synonymous with New Orleans, so 9 News found out exactly what kind of spells Saints fans say bring good luck on game day.

"It's almost like a religious thing with most people right now," said Ann Vincent.

The folded arm stance, a particular Saints cocktail, that perfect couch position, the details vary, but nearly every Saints fan 9 News found believes what they do somehow impacts the outcome of the game.

"I wear my jersey inside-out to keep them close to my heart. That's all it takes," said Kim Taylor.

"Don't wash your jersey and your socks together. You'll jinx the game," advised Sherlene Williams.

What fans wear is by far the most popular superstition among the Who Dats.

"Does she wear this for every game? Yes!," said a mother about her baby decked out in fleur de lis.

"The black pants, the gold shirt, the jacket," said another fan about his game day uniform.

"Think that will help them win? Yea!," said still another about her Saints painted nails.

"It was worth it. This is all for you Jeremy," said a woman dressed as Jeremy Shokey, arm tattoos and all.

It's not all attire though. Some saints fans take action to turn the tides of luck their way.

"Does your husband do anything for good luck? Oh yea he does. It's a secret though!...Oh!," Delky Overstreet told 9 News.

Others use their minds to motivate the boys in black and gold.

"I'm trying to think very positive.  Anytime I have a negative thought like we might not, I try to wipe it out," said Ann Vincent.

Still others say they have a direct line to the highest possible power.

"I know Drew and the boys , the whole team is doing what they need to do, and I know my granny is in heaven serving the cocktails to the right people, so that's how I think they got to the Super Bowl," said Ramona Seneca.

Now it's your turn.  Saints fans share your game day superstitions in the comment section below.

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