Sen. Landrieu gets emotional on Senate floor

WASHINGTON (WAFB) – On Thursday Sen. Mary Landrieu defended her vote for the public health bill.

Back in November, Landrieu added an amendment to the bill which would have given $300 million to Louisiana to cover a Medicaid shortfall.

Some said Landrieu only voted for the health bill because it included the money for her state. Thursday afternoon, she defended herself.

"I've spent 30 years of my life trying to represent the people of my state and make them look good," said Landrieu.

"Even when they were wrong I've defended them and when they were right, I praised them. When I was wrong I apologized and when I was right, I was very proud of my work."

Some analysts have said the healthcare bill is dead because of the election of Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts that blocks the democrats' 60 vote majority.

Gov. Jindal added, "I know emotions are intense in DC and a lot of anxiety about the healthcare bill. I hope they start over and they don't resurrect this bill and they start over in a bipartisan way."

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