Viewpoint: February 3, 2010

This Sunday is a day that those of us in the "Who Dat" nation have waited a lifetime for. It has been season after season of wait until next year, next year will be ours and there's always next year. Well, this is finally next year.

The Saints are in the Super Bowl and the euphoria that comes along with it is everything we dreamed  it would be. Many national sports analysts say they've never witnessed a relationship with a team and it's fans like that of the Saints and the people of Louisiana. We're not surprised at all. Louisianians are a proud people. Proud of our history, proud of our rich culture and proud of our Saints.

The Saints' march to Miami has united us all, regardless of age, race or gender. I can't tell you the last time my junior high daughter and my high school son were so excited about actually sitting down together to watch the same thing, a Saints game. So, whether you're watching the game on WAFB in the comfort of your living room or in New Orleans or even in Miami, savor the moment because you deserve it. It's been a long time coming.

The Colts may be favored to win, but coach Payton, we want you to know that we are firm believers. And, like so many Saints fans, I am both excited and anxious, but I can't help but feel a touch of sadness. This has been such a magical season, I'm not sure that I'm ready for it to end. Good luck Saints and thanks for reminding us that all things are possible.