B.R. Bishop Expresses Opposition to War

With America involved full force in a war with Iraq, many people are doing more than just talking about it, they're seeking guidance from a higher power. Bishop Robert Muench, head of the Baton Rouge Catholic Diocese, just celebrated one year in the capitol city. He makes it perfectly clear although he may not be happy with war, he's praying for those involved.

"Any intervention should be the last resort, that we strive for peace every which way." Bishop Muench says that is the official position of the Catholic church when it comes to the conflict in Iraq. The Vatican is blaming both sides for failing to avoid war in Iraq. It says it laments Iraq's failure to disarm and deplores the decision to launch attacks rather than keep seeking a peaceful solution.

"We realize what's most important, the sanctity of human life and we pray any who may be in danger, in peril, we pray that this war may be as quick as possible, that there may be a minimum loss of human life. There already has been," said Bishop Muench.

So it is with peace in mind he listens to parishioners asking him to pray for loved ones serving overseas. Bishop Muench said, "We try to internalize what the soldiers may be going through, what others may be going through, in particular, it's relatives we're talking about now, that vicariously they are experiencing the uncertainty of the lives of their loved ones."

However, Bishop Muench says what we experience every day should give Americans reason to think of those involved in this conflict. "We've a responsibility to appreciate what we have and to understand that there are people that are even potentially sacrificing their lives and certainly their comfort for the sake of trying to make the world a better place. We have a lot of work to do in that," said Muench.

Bishop Muench says until this war is over he will pray for those putting their lives on the line. - "We pray for any involved in this military operation. We ask God's blessing upon them and protection."