Former 'Canes enjoy being back in Miami

Jeremy Shockey
Jeremy Shockey

By Steve Schneider - bio | email
Posted by Joshua Auzenne - email

MIAMI, FL (WAFB) - There are a few former Miami Hurricanes participating in Super Bowl XLIV, especially linebacker Jonathon Vilma and tight end Jeremy Shockey, who now don the black and gold of the New Orleans Saints. Both were standout players for "the U" and like being back in familiar territory, but they also understand the importance of the game.

"I wanted to have fun, but right now is not the time and Sean Payton has said that it's really not the time," Vilma said. "It's really just about playing football right now. I have all the time to party after."

Shockey actually has a home in Miami and looks forward to playing the Super Bowl in the city where he played college football. He is looking forward to the opportunity to play in front of a crowd that knows him.

"Well, I live here so it's always a good feeling to get back here, but it's a good feeling to get here later than sooner," Shockey said. "You can always look back and say, 'I didn't get to play in the big game, like all you guys know, with the former team I was with and to be back here to play in this city, lots of Hurricanes fans."

Shockey has a championship with the New York Giants, which is that former team he referred to, but he made it sound as though it was not as meaningful since he wasn't able to participate in the game. Vilma is also excited about playing in front of some of the Hurricane faithful, but he keeps everything in perspective.

"Means a lot. It's great. But, we talked about the only thing that made the Rose Bowl special was that we won the game and were national champions. So, this moment won't be special unless we win the game," he said.

Reggie Wayne is a member of the Indianapolis Colts who also played for Miami. He also grew up in New Orleans and was a Saints fan.

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