Saints' success brings region together

By Tyana Williams - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some call the rally by the Who Dat nation for the Saints in the Super Bowl the first non-tragedy to bring the entire Gulf Coast together. The true support is shown by all the team paraphernalia being snatched up by fans.

The owner of N'awlins Sports says since October, as quickly as his workers can put Saints shirts on the shelves, someone is taking them down to purchase. Fans say after 43 years, the home team deserves the hype.

"No, you can't compare it to anything right now," said Rebecca Adams. "Pretty much wherever you go, it's Who Dat, Who Dat!" added Dwayne Brown.

Whether you call it hype or not, the Saints are the topic of conversation. Many say not since Hurricane Katrina struck the region four years ago have the people of the bayou banded together to support a cause.

The phrase, "there's always next year," is gone because next year is here. Even non-believers are sold on success the Saints have had this season. Some say it's also showing the nation that New Orleans didn't die with the hurricanes. The city needed time for a comeback.

"Yeah, it's great for our economy, great for the spirit, the people. Everybody's got a smile on their face. Saints products everywhere. The Who Dat nation uniting. It's exciting!" Adams explained.

Stores are restocking their shelves multiple times a day to keep up with the demand. At one time, the Saints gear would have sat on the racks, but now it's all anybody grabs. One fan described it being like Christmas all over again. Of course, the boys will be the dominant conversation through Sunday.

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