Livingston Parish school scores corrected

By Tyana Williams - bio | email

LIVINGSTON, LA (WAFB) - For 10 years, Livingston Parish schools were recognized as one of the top ten school districts in the stateof Louisiana. So imagine Livingston's surprise when the latest scores showed they slipped. Turns out the State Department of Education miscalculated.

After last year's high stakes testing, the scores at 35 of Livingston's 39 schools increased. But Livingston's district ranking fell. Knocking them from the top ten, to 13. That may not seem like a big drop, but considering public education in Livingston is the reason much of the parish has been developed, falling to 13 didn't sit well. Nor did it make sense. How had the schools done better this year, but the district dropped?

According to Superintendent Bill Spear, the problem was the state didn't add in the district's ninth grade freshman high schools. "Two of our schools have 10th through 12th grade configuration. So no ninth grade class or multiplier caused the formula to see an entire ninth grade class as dropout," he said.

He said at one of the schools, the performance score was calculated around 30. "No school in the state has ever scored that low," the superintendent said. That was when the state first noticed the mistake. The score was fixed, but the change didn't get added in to the district performance score.

This week, however, the mistake was corrected.  Livingston once again reclaimed it's spot as one of the top districts in the state.

Superintendent Bill Spear said the state still has to correct scores for 24 more students so the score should go up again.

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