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Baton Rouge detectives shot a man at a house in North Baton Rouge. Residents say the wounds are in his back. Police say Wayne Heard pointed a very big Ruger Magnum at them and then ran. Caroline Moses tries to sort out the details.

We also have a follow-up on why the Livingston Parish school system suddenly dropped out of the state's top ten. Is it a matter of accounting or student slippage?

Looks like New Orleans is going to be swamped with tourists even though their Super Bowl game is 700 miles away. Some of it has to do with the early fringes of Mardi Gras.

We've got another story of a man convicted of murder for killing an abortion doctor. The Kansas jurors said, if freed, they were certain Scott Roeder would killed again.

Parts of the Southeast could get a foot of snow from a storm that's moving in from the southern Plains. There's a state of emergency in Tennessee, where snow and ice is falling, and also in Arkansas and parts of Virginia.

Here in Metro Baton Rouge the rain is mostly over but we're looking now toward sharply dropping temperatures.

And Dow Jones Averages were down another 53 points today on the New York Stock Market.

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