Family says man shot by police was innocent

By Caroline Moses - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A man is in the hospital after being shot by a police officer.  The victim's family says he did nothing wrong, but police disagree.

Police say it all started when officers saw three men on a porch on Boyd Street.  One of them, 30-year-old Wayne Heard was allegedly carrying a handgun, so police decided to take a closer look.

"He turned toward the officers and pointed a gun at them once in the doorway," said Baton Rouge police spokesman Don Kelly.

Kelly says after that their suspect, Wayne Heard, ran into the house through the front door.  Some of the detectives met Heard trying to run out the back of the house.  Kelly says when officers ordered Heard to drop the gun, he pointed it at them again.  This time, one detective fired four shots.  Kelly says at least three bullets hit Heard.

"They say it's a 50/50 chance that my cousin live. I can't understand how a person gets shot in the back through a door," said Calvin Matthews.

Matthews was with Heard when he was shot.  He says his cousin was playing chess, not chasing officers with weapons.

"If you call playing chess wrong and watching the basketball game if that's wrong then I don't know what's right," said another cousin.

"They knocked that looking for drugs. Ain't no drugs. We never had drugs here," said Matthews.

Heard has a lengthy past.  He has three prior felony convictions for drugs and several other charges against him.

Matthews does say his cousin came into the house and shut the door on police, but he says it was because Heard saw weapons and was unsure who they were.

"He seen them with weapons. He slammed the door. It hit him in the back of the head while the door was closed," said Matthews.

Kelly says an internal investigation reveals the officers were dressed in uniform and clearly identified themselves before the shooting.   Sergeant Kelly has not released the name of the officer who allegedly shot Heard, but he did tell 9 News the officer is on administrative leave, which is standard procedure.  Kelly expects the entire investigation to be completed within the next week or so.

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