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The Super Bowl may be 700 miles from New Orleans, but state police are expecting a huge celebratory crowd in the French Quarter the evening of Sunday February 7th. That's why they're calling in backup from around the state.

On our 5 o'clock news a woman had to make a choice between the Super Bowl or an Australian honeymoon. It's interesting to see how she sorted things out.

Remember the new panic about shortages of Swine Flu vaccine? It turns out that Louisiana has more than one million doses, but only one-third of that number have come forward to get their shots.

Another jet left Baton Rouge airport today carrying medical teams to give aid to Haiti. We'll take you there.

You've heard the hassle over those so-called speed vans in various cities around Metro Baton Rouge. One police chief is bringing them back in a different form. You might be surprised.

And the Livingston Parish Prison may be developing a cutting edge method to cut costs. All the medical care for inmates, short of major surgery, is being billed to the inmates.

The Mississippi River at Baton Rouge has risen one foot since yesterday and is expected to climb another 10 feet before Mardi Gras. And Jay Grymes is talking an 80% chance of rain tomorrow afternoon, followed by a cold, clear weekend.

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