Pastor offers spiritual relief to Haiti

Pastor Lloyd Benson
Pastor Lloyd Benson

By Keitha Nelson - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Exposure to mass graves, lack of food and water, and being homeless has taken a toll on the people of Haiti. A Baton Rouge minister with close ties to the country plans to offer a type of spiritual relief that is widely unaccepted there.

Pastor Lloyd Benson with Cathedral World Worship Center is no stranger to Haiti's struggles. Benson's church has two orphanages in Haiti. Both are now destroyed. All of the children who once called Benson's orphanages home survived the quake. But even with food and water, Benson says exposure to Haiti's current conditions can kill the children inside.

Benson plans to offer spiritual relief to places he knows he is not welcome. In a place where the age-old practice of voodoo is prevalent, Benson is working to spread Christianity.

Benson says in 2007, voodoo worshipers surrounded a tent in which he was preaching, throwing voodoo dolls and other items inside.  Benson says it was a frightening experience, but he will go back.

"I'm not afraid," said Benson. He and a group of ministers from churches around the nation, plan to offer spiritual relief and words of comfort to the hundreds of thousands of people exposed to the destruction following the deadly earthquake.

"I believe that food and water is an answer to what's happening there," said Benson. "But more so, the ultimate answer I believe, is the spiritual element in the life of the people."

With miraculous rescues after days of being buried in the rubble, Benson believes Haiti and its people are truly blessed.

Benson says he's headed to Atlanta Wednesday to meet with the group going to Haiti.

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