Businesses display signs of support for Saints

By Tyana Williams - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Saints bandwagon is filling up, but not before many Baton Rouge businesses show their love and support for the Who Dat nation through signs.

The Sonic on Perkins Road is advertising its menu and a black and gold message on the marquee: "Go Saints We Believe." For at least a week, Lamar Advertising has been putting up similar signs around the city.

Now Bart Himel has joined them. While some fans wear the players' names on their back, Friday, he branded his store in Plaquemine with the team's name.

"We did the Geaux Saints with the fleur de lis," said Himel. "Me and my brother-in-law, my wife and her friend. Figured we'd pull for the Saints."

The original plan was to re-shingle the roof of V & C Grocery. But once the Saints came through with the win, Himel decided not to jinx anything and leave the artwork up until after the Super Bowl.

Now his dilemma is whether he can get to the game or not.

Since Sunday's kick catapulted the Saints into the Super Bowl, fans have blown up the phones at Malcolm's Travel & Cruise.

"Airline tickets, tickets to the game, hotel accommodations.  It all comes packaged or if you just need a ticket to the game," says Kathy Higginbotham.  She says some people booked as early as October.  From now until February 7, Higginbotham says the phones will be ringing.

Those travel deals start around $3,400 per person.  Himel says if he doesn't get to go, he hopes he doesn't have to wait 40 more years for another Saints Super Bowl.

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