Carrie Yoder

LSU grad student Carrie Lynn Yoder became the serial killer's 5th confirmed victim through DNA. Yoder, 26, was reported missing by her boyfriend on Wednesday March 5th after he last heard from her on the evening of Monday March 3rd.

Police feel they have an accurate timeline of Carrie's activity on the day she went missing. They say she went grocery shopping at Winn Dixie on Burbank and Lee Drive at around 4:30pm, returning to her home on Dodson Ave. near the LSU campus sometime between 5-5:15pm. Authorities feel certain Carrie was in her home until 7:45pm. After that time they are uncertain of what happened to Carrie.

For more than a week Carrie's disappearance was considered a "missing person's case" for the simple reason that authorities found no obvious signs of a struggle or disturbance within her home. However, out of an abundance of caution the Serial Killer Task Force was involved in the investigation from the start.

Ten days after she was last seen alive the search for Carrie would come to an end near the Whiskey Bay area. A fisherman discovered her partially nude body floating face down a little more than 100 yards from where the serial killer dumped the body of Pam Kinamore, his third confirmed victim. An autopsy report would later reveal that Carrie was strangled and beaten to death.