DNA Evidence Links Murder Of Carrie Lynn Yoder To The Serial Killer

DNA evidence has conclusively linked the murder of Carrie Lynn Yoder to the serial killer. Yoder becomes the fifth confirmed victim linked through DNA. Baton Rouge Police Chief Pat Englade said he was sorry to make the announcement. He said, "The Serial Killer Task Force will now take responsibility for the investigation into the homicide." Englade had a message for residents in the area, "I understand that the fear and anxiety in this community right now is very high, but let me assure you the Task Force is absolutely committed to find this killer and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind we will be successful."

Governor Mike Foster told reporters that he is offering all available resources to the Task Force, including the use of his Press Office to get information out to the public in a more timely fashion. Foster said, "Money and personnel will not be an object," when it comes to this investigation. Foster also called for patience and for the residents of south Louisiana to pull together during this time.

Ken Kaiser is the Special Agent in charge of the F.B.I.'s part in the Task Force. He says that even though the agency is fully involved with the War on Terrorism, the F.B.I. has agents working full-time on this case and doing everything possible to solve this crime. Kaiser said in addition to the full-time agents, the F.B.I. has two senior Profilers in the Behavioral Science Unit at F.B.I. headquarters reviewing case files, crime scene reports and evaluating all forensic evidence.

Although this past weekend several family members of vicitms of the serial killer admitted a lack of confidence in the Task Force, Agent Kaiser says, "I think everybody is frustrated. I think the men and women working this case are working very hard, very long hours. I think they want to solve this case like the public wants it to be solved."

Over the past year and a half DNA evidence has linked the murders of four women. Gina Wilson Green, 41, was found strangled to death in her Stanford Ave. home in September of 2001. Charlotte Murray Pace, 23, was found stabbed the following summer in her Sharlo townhome near LSU's campus. Pam Kinamore, 44, was abducted from her Briarwood Estates home and died as a result of her throat being slashed. Trineisha Dene' Colomb, 23, was found beaten to death in a rural field in Scott, LA. Colomb, of Lafayette, is the only confirmed victim outside of Baton Rouge.

Yoder, a native of Tampa, Florida, was last seen alive on the evening of Monday March 3rd. A week and a half later her body was discovered by a fisherman near the Whiskey Bay area. You'll remember this is the same area that the serial killer dumped the body of Kinamore, his third confirmed victim. An autopsy report revealed Yoder's cause of death as asphyxiation, meaning she could have been strangled, smothered or drowned to death.

Meanwhile police are still urging anyone with information that could help them in their investigation to call the 24-hour tip line at 389-3310 or toll-free at 1-866-389-3310. They are also asking that everyone, especially women remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings. If you would like to learn where you can sign up for self-defense courses being offered in the area click on the link below.