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From Managing Editor George Sells...

It takes an extreme situation for law enforcement to fire on a criminal suspect. But that's what state police did today in Baton Rouge. WAFB's David Spunt will have details of why officers dropped a suspect in a confrontation off Ardenwood.

The temperature in Baton Rouge has remained at 34 degrees or below for most of the day and it's been putting pressure on everybody from homeowners to construction workers.

We also have pictures of a horse being rescued from Black Creek in Slaughter. The nine year-old show horse slid down a 15 foot embankment into the water.

WAFB's Caroline Moses looks at a new future for an historic building in Baton Rouge, the old Lincoln Theatre. We have a photo of the day in 1953 when a young preacher named Martin Luther King met Baton Rouge minister T. J. Jemison to learn the ropes on running a bus boycott.

We'll have the post game comments from Nick Saban after his Alabama football team put a whuppin' on the Texas Longhorns in the national championship game.

And the CBS Evening News reports on the alleged Nigerian terrorist who appeared in a T-shirt in federal court today, admitting he was on pain killers because of the explosives he'd been wearing aboard a Northwest Airlines jet.

And CBS also confirms that comedian Jay Leno is likely going back to his old time slot at 10:35 on NBC, head to head with David Letterman.

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