SU System Foundation sues Ralph Slaughter

BATON ROUGE, LA - Today (Thursday, Dec. 10), the Southern University System Foundation filed a lawsuit against Dr. Ralph Slaughter, former president of the Southern University System, for misappropriation and conversion of Foundation funds.

The Southern University System Foundation has discovered that Slaughter misappropriated and converted without authorization more than half a million dollars. The Foundation has evidence of Slaughter's excessive spending and purchases, such as personal attorney's fees, concert and Superdome suite tickets, personal moving expenses, property purchased and owned by the Foundation, and unauthorized payments for "supplemental compensation."

"The Foundation regrets filing this lawsuit against Dr. Slaughter, but is compelled to do so in light of the overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing by Dr. Slaughter," said Preston Castile Jr., Legal Counsel for the SU System Foundation. "We sincerely hope that Dr. Slaughter will return the Foundation's funds without the need for protracted litigation."

Established in 1968, the Southern University System Foundation exists to raise and manage private gifts to further educational excellence on all five campuses of the Southern University System. The Foundation is a private, nonprofit corporation designated by the Louisiana Board of Regents as the primary fundraiser and manager of gifts to the University System.

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