Complete response from SC Johnson on child's death

We were contacted about this tragic incident in August of this year and we did speak with the mother of the child and local authorities. SC Johnson also immediately had a clinical toxicologist who is associated with our medical information line, contact the local authorities who were investigating the incident to learn more about it and to provide information about aerosol products if requested to do so. We have not been contacted by the authorities nor has our medical representative since that time.

We understand that the product is in the possession of the local authorities who have been investigating this incident.  Because of the ongoing investigation we have not been able to inspect the product ourselves or to conduct a complete investigation into what occurred. However, our understanding of the incident from talking to the mother and authorities, does not lead us to believe that our product would have caused this tragedy.

SC Johnson does place instructional messages on its Glade® aerosol products and on that clearly state the risks of intentionally misusing the product.

We would like to express our sympathies to the family of the young boy.

- Chris Beard, Director Public Affairs for SC Johnson