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From Managing Editor George Sells.....

A verdict could come this evening for an African-American high school teacher from Central on trial in Southeast Missouri. She accuses police and Wal-Mart shoppers of aiming slurs at her, but police say she turned violent. We'll have a live report.

From Livingston Parish we have another one of those "how dumb can you be?" cases. Deputies say it's a case of a man and his eight-months-pregnant girlfriend staging a burglary and then leaving a string of clues.

The man named as a codefendant with prominent Baton Rouge attorney Michael Cutshaw has turned himself in. Sam Moore gave himself up on sex charges against a third man.

Remember the high roller Ponchatoula man accused of running a Ponzi scheme? He's free on $150,000 bail, which some prosecutors may consider extremely low.

And here at WAFB we can already see the big green blob on Jay Grymes' radar that is going to make late tonight and Saturday quite messy.