RK surgery and far-sightedness

I had RK surgery several years ago and now after many years of no glasses, I have developed far sightedness. Is it possible for me to have CK now?

A gradual increase in far-sightedness is sometimes seen in a small subset of patients years after RK. Many thousands of patients had RK in our office over the years and we have had the opportunity to see and treat many of those patients. In our experience, CK was a somewhat less predictable procedure in post-RK patients and did not always yield a consistent result. We have, however, performed the LASIK procedure on many of these patients and the results have been very good. All patients had a substantial decrease in their far-sightedness and noticed improved vision.

As always, each person's eyes are different and a complete examination of the patient is required to determine whether or not someone would be a good candidate for this type of surgery.

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